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Online Critiques

Need a little help with your painting or your art career? I can help! You can book some time with me where I can help you on a one to one basis. No matter where you live! 

How is this done? 
You will send me an image or or a few for me to review. Then you book a time with me where I contact you on a webcam via Skype. During that time, you will have my full attention where you can ask questions about your painting or business.  

You can book a 30 minute session or a full hour critique. A 30 minute session is an hour of my time with 30 min. of one-on-one instruction. A 60 minute session is 2 hours of my time with 60 min. of one-on-one instruction. During instruction time, we will discuss how to improve your work and how to achieve your goals. There is a limit to the number of paintings that I can review due to the time constraints though. 

How to book a session:
1. To book a session, first click the consult with Leslie and sign up below. You can book for either an hour or a half hour meeting. 
2. After you sign up, please email me at We will set up a time for your personal consulting appointment, I will email you with a few available time slots and some questions.
3. At the time you have booked, I will contact you on webcam via Skype. You will then have my full and undivided attention for that time.

Consult with Leslie

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