Sunday, January 27, 2019

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365 Seconds of Painting in Watercolor: Mountain Grange

This is a compilation of the previous 6 days plus more. Unfortunately I didn't realize the camera was not recording when I started to paint the barn and other buildings. Yikes! Some of it I did get though.

I did paint at a tilt while doing this and worked mostly wet-in-wet. You can see how I add water to the paper as I go so that it continues to be wet. It is hard to see that I toss in some salt while painting the grassy meadow because it looks like a I'm a super fast painter.

The colors I used in this painting are cobalt blue, burnt sienna, raw sienna, cadmium scarlet, winsor yellow, winsor blue (green shade), French ultramarine blue, and permanent alizarin crimson. It was painted on Indigo watercolor paper.

Here is the complete painting:

Mountain Grange


RH Carpenter said...

Had to come back and see you finish this one - beautiful!!

Leslie Redhead said...

Thanks Rhonda! You are such an awesome support.

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