Wednesday, March 22, 2017

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Making Waves

Wet and Wild

This past Sunday I demonstrated Painting the Expressive Qualities of  Watercolor at Opus Art Supplies in Victoria, BC. In this demonstration I used squirt bottles filled with paint and spray bottles filled with water to create crashing waves. Wet and Wild is one of the paintings I exhibited and In Motion is the other. 
I demonstrated several paintings during the day and the demo was filled to capacity. There were some wonderful questions asked and I really enjoyed showing how wonderful and fun watercolor can be. 
I did more paintings than what is shown here but haven't had a chance to photograph them yet. 
Along with my demonstrations and workshops, I am teaching university courses in painting. I absolutely love teaching painting to some very keen university students but find grading 65 projects a bit daunting. It is difficult to give art a number and a grade. So I have spent most of my week critiquing, grading, and conversing with those 65 students about their masterpieces. 

In Motion

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

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Book Review by Angela Fehr

The fabulous watercolorist,  Angela Fehr, has featured a review of my book, Watercolor 365, on her YouTube channel.  
I was surprised and pleased with her review as I have known Angela's work for some time. She is another artist from British Columbia and I have featured her work before on this blog.
You can read that feature by clicking here.

To purchase Watercolor 365, please go to

Saturday, March 4, 2017

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Still snow? and more negative painting

Field of Snow

Even though the trees are trying to blossom, the weather has been reminding us that it is still winter. 
Even though I don't like being cold, I do enjoy capturing the colors of snow and the world in winter.
The above painting was done from a photograph from a friend of mine that was excited to share her photos of snow with me. 

She also shared several other photographs with me but I really loved one of an old farmhouse so had to paint it.

Old Farmhouse

It reminded me of an old abandoned farm close to where I grew up in Utah.

This past week I have also been working on more negative painting. I am demonstrating the technique next weekend at Opus Art Supplies on Granville Island. I am doing 2 - two hour demonstrations and I am trying to get quicker with my technique. I tend to get lost in my painting and like to take my time. So I will usually spend hours enjoying the process.  I also know that I will be explaining my process and answering questions while painting so it helps for me to be prepared.
I was to originally do one demonstration. I requested that I do the demo on a Friday and Opus usually has them on Saturdays so they informed me that the demo might not fill. However, I was excited to discover that not only had it filled, but there was enough for a second demo. So now I am doing 2.

Here is the painting I have been working on for practice and since I enjoyed the last magnolias so much, that what I chose to do:


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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Watercolor 365 Illustrations

With the publication of my book, Watercolor 365, I have been posting new entries on the blog where it all started. This blog, Watercolor Weapons, has not been a focus of mine for some time. However, I decided to post some of the illustrations that went into the making of the book. 
These illustrations are of my favorite art supplies. The supplies are just photographs in the first two chapters but slowly start to turn from photos into paintings as the book progresses. By the last 2 chapters, the supplies are all fully painted. 

You can view these illustrations and the progression of these illustrations by going to my Watercolor Weapons blog by clicking here. 
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