Tuesday, February 14, 2017

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Drawing and Doodling

Valentine Zendoodle

This past week I have been doing some drawing and some doodling. I am not only trying to get back to painting on a more regular schedule, but I am trying to practice my drawing. 
Part of this is zentangling. I find it relaxing and it tends to help with stressful situations. (I guess that is where the zen part comes into play) I did some zentangles with my drawing class a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I had combined it with watercolor and discovered that I could carry small paintings with me to zendoodle on as a way to calm my nerves. 

Below are some more things I did this past week:

A drawing of a hand with drawing and painting tools as a favor for my son.

Quick charcoal sketch of a girl I did in between meetings

An experiment with splashy watercolor and zendoodling. I decided I didn't like it so never quite completed the drawing. However, I did learn some new cool designs.

A better painting of tulips for zendoodling. Let's see what happens with this one. 


RH Carpenter said...

The top is amazing! But I like them all, especially your charcoal sketches. Interesting take on the zentangle craze, painting something and then doodling on them (love the upside down hearts on the bird). I think these would be fun to play with - something small and easy to doodle on after the watercolor has dried :)

Christiane Kingsley said...

Beautiful work with the watercolour and the zentangles. Watercolour always calm my nerves so I also should probably try to combine it with zentangle for an even greater soothing effect.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

love your birds :)
ah good idea combining zentangle/doodling with colour :D

Leslie Redhead said...

Rhonda, I introduced zentangle in a pen, ink, and wc class just for fun years ago. Then I discovered how much I like the idea and how portable it can be. I just have to be prepared with small wc pieces when I go out.

Leslie Redhead said...

Thanks Christiane. You should try it! It is extra soothing and much more accessible when water is difficult to come by.

Leslie Redhead said...

Thanks Jennifer! I kinda laugh at the zentangle craze because it is just doodling.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

drives me insane when people say zentagle is not doodling....its the same thing just given a name so people can make money :/

Leslie Redhead said...

I know, right?! It drives me crazy also. I joke with my students that I'm not an official zentangler cos I did pay for the zentangle degree.

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