Friday, June 19, 2015

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Crossing the Lion's Gate

Crossing the Lion's Gate
Vancouver, BC

Since moving to Vancouver, I discovered how much I absolutely love painting rain! It is so much fun to paint water with water. And since moving from Vancouver, I have realized how much I miss the city. It really is one of the most wonderful places in North America. I called it the best of Boston and the best of Victoria all wrapped up into one place. 
One of my absolute favorite things to do was to run along the seawall in Stanley Park, rain or shine. The Lion's Gate bridge is on the north side of the park and crosses over into North Vancouver. 
It is a beautiful bridge even if it only has 3 lanes and seems to be perpetually backed up with traffic. 

I did this painting back in February with one of my classes. The objective was to learn how to paint the rainy streets of Vancouver.  And of course, Vancouver had an extremely dry winter and made it difficult to photograph rainy streets. I'm not complaining too much though. Vancouver is glorious in the sunshine. 


Carol Blackburn said...

Love the atmosphere in your painting. Yes, you do rain wonderfully!

Leslie Redhead Watercolors said...

Thank you Carol! I'm glad you think so.

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