Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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Faith and Prayers

Faith of Generations
Painting of my niece done in 2005

Many years ago I did the above painting of my niece, Jaime.  Jaime is my sister's daughter and is from Idaho.
I jokingly called her my muse because she was the perfect model and I did several paintings of her. 
Jaime is currently serving a mission for our church in Florida.

Last week I heard from a New Hampshire friend that I had not heard from in a very long time. She messaged me on FB and told me that my daughter's cousin discovered the painting of herself in her home. WHAT? I was very confused at first and then started to piece things together when I discovered that my friend, Elizabeth, now lives in Florida. Wait a minute. Jaime's also in Florida. And I did a few paintings of Jaime. So that means that Jaime knocked on Elizabeth's door and saw the painting of herself!?! 
How cool is that? Not only did Jaime find the painting of herself in someone's home, but my friend that purchased the painting met the person in the painting! I was amazed by this. And so was Jaime and my friend. 

Jaime has written about the experience on a blog which can be found here
Not only did the experience answer Jaime's prayers but answered mine as well. I realized that God knows and loves each one of us and this was another one of His tender mercies reminding me of that.

Jaime and Elizabeth with the painting of Jaime

Monday, January 12, 2015

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Winter Roses

Winter Roses

I've been pulling out old paintings and trying to complete them. Winter Roses is a painting of some of my favorite flowers, hellebores, or also known as winter roses. It is being shown at Style and Co. Hair Salon in North Vancouver. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

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Digital Designs on Etsy

I am excited to launch a new product through my Etsy shop. It is digital downloads of some of my paintings.
You can now buy my images in high resolution form (the watermark will not appear in the download once purchased) that can be used for a myriad of possibilities. You can make them into prints and frame them on your wall. You can print them on invitations, cards, scrapbook paper, or bookmarks. Some of them would look fantastic on pillows or t-shirts.
My only requests are that they not be used in it any product that will be resold or that you share the file with your friends. However, you can print it off and give them a framed print of the painting.  Or make them a throw pillow for their couch. Or a coffee mug. Perhaps decopogue them a frame or a guitar using my images. Like I said, the images can be used for a myriad of possibilities as a gift to yourself or others.

To access these images, please go to my Etsy shop here

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