Friday, August 22, 2014

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White Rock Exhibition

Siwash Rock
Stanley Park
Vancouver, BC

As many of you are aware, I had an exhibition of my work this past Sunday. It felt great to be back! I use to have studio tours twice every year when I lived in Victoria. Since moving to Vancouver 3 1/2 years ago and working on my degree, I haven't had an opportunity to show my work all in one place. A kind friend offered her home for me to hang my paintings and let our friends peruse through my private collection.
I met many new people and art lovers and felt like the day was a huge success. 
Thank you to all those that were able to make it and for your continued support.

That's me standing with several paintings and showing my video about my painting process.

My own pop-up gallery

More paintings as part of my pop-up gallery

Monday, August 11, 2014

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Upcoming Private Exhibition and Sale

Into the Woods

This coming Sunday, August 17, I will be having a private exhibition and sale of my work at the home of one of my patrons in White Rock, BC.
I am excited for this event because it is my first solo show in nearly 4 years. Since my focus has been on completing my Masters degree, I haven't had a chance to show work from my own private collection until now. Several new and not previously seen pieces will be at the show and available for purchase.
If you are interested in attending the event and would like an invitation, please email me at I will be happy to send one along.
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