Tuesday, May 13, 2014

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Hypostyle Hall of El Mezquita-catedral de Cordoba

Hypostyle Hall
The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, Spain

 The above painting was just completed and was done as part of my current course of Castles, Churches and Cobblestones of Europe. It is the Hypostyle Hall of the Mosque in Cordoba. Although it is a mosque with it's beautiful Moorish architecture, it also has a cathedral as part of the interior. 
It is called the Hypostyle Hall because of the columns that support the roof. These columns are made from jasper, onyx, marble, and granite. Some of which are originally from the Roman temple that occupied the land before the mosque was built sometime in the 700s. The arches are doubled to allow for more ceiling height.  The history and architecture of El Mezquita-catedral is really quite fascinating.
More about it can be read here.

Tomorrow I am off to Spain with my daughter. I am teaching another fabulous course there and am excited to return. This time my daughter will be joining me, as it is her eighteen birthday on Thursday. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

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Indigo Art Papers, NAMTA Success, and Maggie


I am now back home for the NAMTA show in Pittsburgh. What a week! Glad I went and had such a wonderful opportunity to paint and to meet all those behind supplying us with new and exciting art materials.
Maggie is a commission I received while I was there. Another exhibitor asked if I would be able to paint his daughter as a demo while there at the show. I was happy to do it for him. It did take me both Thursday and Friday to do it though. The Indigo Art Papers booth was packed with people and questions. The paper is such a beautiful quality, that it was a joy to paint on. Hopefully the paper will be in stores soon.
It was also fun to meet the crew at Daniel Smith and tell them how much I enjoy their Primatek colors.

Finally, here is a shot of the convention. There was so much to see and explore. 

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