Friday, September 27, 2013

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How To: Introduction to Watercolour with Leslie Redhead

My Opus Art Supply video is out! Yeah!
I was really nervous about it but I shouldn't have been.
Ryan Mund made me sound very professional and did some great shots of the painting.
He is the real mastermind behind it. 
Thanks Opus and Ryan for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to talk about what I  love!

Monday, September 23, 2013

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Coastal Shores

Coastal Shores

This painting is from a class I taught a few weeks ago on West Coast Scenes.
The image is from a series of photos I took while in Brentwood Bay, BC.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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Art In The Vineyards of the Okanagan

View from Poplar Grove Winery

Last week I spent an amazing 4 days teaching a plein air course in the vineyards of Penticton and Naramata, BC. These vineyards overlook Okanagan Lake and have these incredible views. And I must say that the weather was perfect. Hot, sunny, and dry. 
There were 13 fabulous students from all over the province that participated in this painting and wine event. 
The first two days were spent at Poplar Grove Winery. Poplar Grove was very gracious to let us paint the vineyards and they provided us with a space in their barrel room to paint still lifes in the afternoon.
Sam Boehner taught the still life portion with all things wine.

Day 1

My students at work

One of the many wonderful views from Poplar Grove

We then spent the next 2 days at Bench 1775 Winery down the road.

The views there were fabulous to paint.
Bench 1775 was really hopping on the first day as we tried to stay focused on the painting and not the wine.
But the wine may have won out later in the day.
We ended up going out to some great places to eat and drink for dinner after a swim in the lake.

View from Bench 1775

The View 

Painting at Bench 1775

Vines of Bench 1775
(day 4)

Some of my students' plein air work

There are plans to do another painting and wine event in the future since it was so much fun.

Naramata Bench

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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Lower Falls of the Yellowstone

Lower Falls of the Yellowstone
42 x 60"

The crowning jewel of my thesis project is my painting of the Lower Falls of Yellowstone National Park.
If you watched my YouTube video, you probably saw it on there. But here it is again.
As you can tell, it is 3.5 feet wide by 5 feet tall. 
Now you may wonder how it is that I was able to paint on watercolor paper that large.Watercolor paper does come in large rolls that are 10 yds long. I wasn't about to attempt that! What I did was stretch the paper like a canvas onto stretcher bars. Then I painted. Sometimes with a really big brush (#30 round) and sometimes with a small one (my favorite #6). 
It took me probably a total of 30 days over 6 months to paint but I did it! And you know what, I loved every minute of it.

Here I am with the completed painting.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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Indulging in the Domestic

Pacific Spirit Park
Sept 2,2013

    Since arriving home from school just over a week ago, I have been indulging in the domestic. Cleaned the house top to bottom and the washing machine has been running non-stop. Of course, in the middle of all that, I did the filming with Opus Art Supplies but really, I have been loving the fact that I have a couple of weeks off with no deadlines. It has been nice to spend time with the kids school shopping, baking cookies, and making homemade salsa. I have even taken several leisurely walks through the woods with the kids and the dog. I almost feel lazy not spending 14-16 hours/day in front of a computer trying to write a thesis. I can't believe that I have hardly even picked up a paint brush! As I often tell my students though and just like in painting, the spaces in between can be just as important as the time you put in. 

    My kids and my walks are what fills me up and gets me ready for painting. I get to observe, reflect, and photograph. This morning I did sketch my son as he sat on the couch waiting for school to begin. He starts high school today (only grade 8 but the high schools here are grades 8-12). It is a moment of observing him that I will look back and cherish. 

     I will be teaching a drawing course starting in a couple of weeks. Although I have taken many drawing courses and taught private drawing lessons, teaching drawing to a group will be a new challenge. I am trying to sketch something each day. I hope to capture my kids more often. 

Pacific Spirit Park
Sept. 3, 2013

      But other than drawing my kids more, I have another goal for the coming year. It is fairly simple but I am going to try to take a photograph of my surroundings each and every day. Most of these will probably be of Pacific Spirit Park. I already photograph a ton of images as painting references but not on a daily basis. 
The reason for my wanting to do this daily is that my family tends to move every 3-4 years, just as we start to feel really settled. We don't have any plans to move any time soon but I also realize that I will probably not live in Vancouver forever. I love it here and I want to capture what to me is the best part of Vancouver and all its moods before I am gone. Even if it is years before I leave. I wonder what I will notice about my surroundings by keeping a daily photo journal. 

       I am interested to know if any of my readers  keep a daily photo journal. Is there anything you have observed that you would not have otherwise by doing so?

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