Friday, August 30, 2013

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Opus Art Supplies Filming In My Studio

Autumn Leaves
(The Movie Star Card)
5x7" card

Yesterday, Opus Art Supplies filmmaker Ryan Mund, along with his assistant, Peter, came into my studio and filmed me painting. This filming will become a how-to video for Opus on their YouTube channel.
This video shows some simple watercolor tips and techniques for painting a greeting card on Strathmore watercolor cards. Since the video will be released later this month, I chose to paint autumn leaves using all those yummy fall colors that Daniel Smith and Winsor & Newton carry.

It was a full day of filming and I was able to try some new products out.
One of these products is Nicholson's Peerless Watercolors.
The Peerless comes in bottles in liquid form and in dry form on sheets. The paint is extremely vibrant and colorful. The sheets were fascinating and look like they will be great for doing plein air painting and to travel with. The color from the sheets seemed just as vibrant as the colors in the bottles. They are definitely worth more investigation. I can't wait to do some plein air painting with them!

Ryan sitting in my chair and showing me how to Vanna White the art supplies used in the video.
Ryan did a great job of making me feel comfortable and was very informed about watercolor.

Peter showing off the cookies. Peter also did a fabulous job holding the boom mike. 
Thank you guys for such a great day!

Sample cards

Of course I will let everyone know when the video is released.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

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My Thesis Project - The Long Version

I did it!! I am now a Master!!
Thank you to everyone for all your encouraging words and for helping me through this.
It has been a long journey over 3 summers but I did it.
My thesis project ended up being on painting Yellowstone National Park.
I journaled this process and ended up writing and designing a book about it. 
This book may become available for purchase.

Here is the longer version of the video I put up a couple of weeks ago.
This is the video I presented to my thesis committee yesterday.
Learning how to create the video was part of my project.

Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

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Firehole River Springs

Firehole River Springs
Yellowstone National Park

I am rounding the bend on completing my Master of Education in Art Education. I defend next week. Just a few more days. Yeah! 
Now you may wonder why I have time to blog in all of this. Well, that's because I am working with large files and as I sit and wait for them to transfer between computers and to render, I thought what better way to spend my time than with all of you! And it helps me to stay awake while I wait.

In my previous post, I showed the artist statement that I did as part of my program. It highlights the thesis project I have been working on. This project is the journaling of my process of painting Yellowstone National Park over the past year. 
Firehole River Springs is a part of this project.
You may have seen it in my artist statement as well as me painting on location. 

My defense will consist of an expanded version of my artist statement, which will be 10 min long, along with a book that I wrote and designed about my process. 

Almost done.

Monday, August 12, 2013

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West Coast Landscape Workshop

Since being in Victoria this summer, I have been asked by several students of mine if I will be teaching another workshop. The answer is YES! I will teach another workshop.
So I am teaching a 2 day workshop on Aug 23-24 at a friend's studio.
It will be on painting the West Coast Landscape in Watercolor.
The scene will be different than the above but will include what makes our coast so unique.
There is only one space left so if interested, please contact me at

If you are not able to attend, I will be teaching another workshop on Oct 5-6 in the Victoria area.
The subject is yet to be determined. Plans are still in the works but I am open to suggestions.
If interested, please contact me at

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

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Yellowstone As Seen Through My Brush

Some of you may have seen this but I am finally getting around to posting it to my blog!
For my digital presentation class this summer, I had to put an artist statement up on YouTube about my thesis project. So here it is!
Yellowstone: As Seen Through My Brush
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