Saturday, May 19, 2012

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Studio Tour Raffle and Directions

Late Summer Berries

I usually like to have a raffle for one of my original watercolors whenever I have a studio tour.
This raffle is for those that come to my studio during the 2 days that it is open.
This year the raffle is for the above painting.

The tour has started off quietly and then I was informed how hard it is to find my place.
The map apparently fails to mention that you must turn onto Tamath Crescent before getting onto Salish Dr.
Tamath is just after where SW Marine and 41st converge.
Turn left onto Tamath then and immediate left onto Salish. 
The numbers appear to get smaller but just keep going because they go up again. 

Look for the gold balloons and that's me! 
Hope you are able to find me and enter the raffle for the above painting.


Studio at the Farm said...

What a yummy painting! Leslie, I must admit, I headed off in the wrong direction, towards the golf course, when I visited your home. ;)

Leslie Redhead Watercolors said...

I know! And it doesn't help that all the maps, including google, get it wrong! I actually think AIOM used google for the studio tour map.

AK said...

This is really beautiful. The finish of the table is so realistic. Lovely.

Wendy Mould said...

Lovely picture Leslie, hope your tour goes well. It is really raining today so looking at art might just be everyone's choice since they can't garden.

Jane said...

Awesome painting, you really caught the sun here :-)

Leslie Redhead Watercolors said...

Thank you Asit! Wendy, it went well. I think the rain did help. Thank you for your kind wishes. Jane, thank you.

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