Friday, April 20, 2012

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Another Crazy Week

Chinatown Lantern
being shown at the T-Room 
4445 10th Ave W, Vancouver, BC

It has definitely been another crazy week.
I started my classes at Brock House on Monday.
The course is Fun with Watercolors where we pour, blow, and fingerpaint a background to some poppies.

View from Brock House. 
I am lucky to be teaching at such a great place!

On Tuesday I woke up at 3am in a panic about all that I need to get done and worked til 2pm then started to feel a little woozy and couldn't think straight. I decided that I would take a quick nap. I had an hour before I needed to get the kids. I could do this. 
My quick nap was super quick though. Just barely fell asleep when the dog started to bark wildly, then the phone rang, then my daughter started to text me. That is when I realized it just was not going to happen. 
2 pm is not a good time to nap.
I ended up dragging for the rest of the day and was really frustrated with that. It use to be that I work for days without much sleep. I hate getting older.

However, on Wednesday I realized that there was possibly more to my exhaustion than just a shorter night of sleep.
Woke up feeling just fine but after class and running errands for most of the day, I ended up with a fever and sore throat.
Oh no! I said. I'm sick! 
So I crawled into bed and didn't get up until the next morning.
But not until after I cancelled my abstract course for this weekend. 
I was really disappointed to cancel it but I didn't even want to think about it at that point and didn't know when I would be feeling better.
Plus my daughter informed me that she has a huge church activity this weekend that she really wanted me to take her to. I thought I better play mom for this one.
I hope to reschedule the course for sometime this summer in Victoria.
If interested, please contact me.

Thank goodness I woke up all better on Thursday.
Thursday was spent running some of my paintings around to stores in the area.
As part of the Artists in our Midst Studio Tours, several merchants have kindly agreed to display a painting in their window and help us advertise.

My paintings are being displayed at the T-Room Bakery, All Seasons Nails, and BJ's all on West 10th.
There will be another painting going up at Courtney's in Kerrisdale on 41st on Tuesday.

Needless to say, since I have been not feeling well and running paintings around, I am behind on my Watercolor Weapons blog. No posts yet today but that is next. 


Sadami said...

Hi, Leslie,
Take it easy and take care. Have a wonderful weekend!
Kind regards, Sadami

John Simlett said...

Hope you are feeling a lot better now, Leslie. You've probably been doing too much on top of that 10K run.

Try and have a relaxing weekend.

Love the Chinese lantern.

Anonymous said...

Take a deep sound really hectic! Hope you feel better soon. I just love your watercolour Weapons blog....

Leslie Redhead Watercolors said...

Thank you everyone for your kind wishes. I am doing better after a couple of good nights of sleep. Plus the kids don't have school today. Bonus for sleeping in an extra hour!

Studio at the Farm said...

Dear Leslie,
When I read this, I am doubly thankful and grateful to you for taking the time to adjudicate my work on Friday!!!

Wendy Mould said...

Your lantern is great but your life sounds like the pits. SLOW DOWN A BIT. Sounds like you have got a few too many fires in your pan. Are you off to school again this summer? Take care and hope you are back on your game soon.

Leslie Redhead Watercolors said...

Kathryn, it was a pleasure to meet you! Your work is wonderful and deserves attention:)

Leslie Redhead Watercolors said...

I wish I could slow down but it just is not possible with teenagers in the house! But don't worry, I have discovered that they love to watch movies with me and even help me fold laundry while doing so:)

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