Friday, January 6, 2012

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Silent Slumber

watercolor on clayboard
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Most of my classes ended at the beginning of December so I had the whole month to spend painting in my studio. It was a much needed break because I was anxious to work on the above painting.
We live in a beautiful part of Vancouver, right next to the Pacific Spirit Park. This park is a rainforest with all sorts of trails to explore. I will often take the dog and my camera and spend a morning exploring. At first I felt overwhelmed by the trees and the rain. Especially since I moved from the edge of Vancouver Island where the sun is more present and the tall trees were further inland. But I have come to love these trees and have found peace and solace among them. The grey and the rain don't seem to bother me as much anymore when I can see the beauty that comes from it.


Gillian Olson said...

Beautiful Leslie, it really shows the misty low light feeling in the park right now.

Anonymous said...

the boughs reach out
and gather in a heart
the silent symphony of forest
captured in your art.

Leslie Redhead Watercolors said...

Thank you Gillian. I was pleased that I was able to render that feeling. C, your poem captures it beautifully. Thank you for sharing.

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