Friday, September 30, 2011

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Iris Garden

Iris Garden

Prints available through Fine Art America by clicking here.
I can't believe I forgot to post this painting!! It sold to a very good home recently and when I went to look for it here on my blog, I realized that I didn't post it. Silly, busy me.
The painting is from a workshop I taught this past spring from my Iris Period. (Hey- Picasso had a Blue Period - I can have an Iris Period) It was during my Iris Period that I painted many paintings of Irises.
This lovely painting of irises in a garden, titled Iris Garden is now available as prints on paper or canvas and as cards on Fine Art America.

Monday, September 26, 2011

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Fine Art America

Driftwood Gathering
Now available as a print!

My work can now be purchased as prints on Fine Art America.
Fine Art America will print my images on canvases or paper then ship them to you.
Cards may also be purchased.
Be sure to check back often though!
I will continue to upload more images of my paintings in the future.

For more information, please visit

Friday, September 23, 2011

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Garden Delights

Garden Delights

Prints available through Fine Art America by clicking here.

Garden Delights is one of the paintings that was accepted into the Food for Thought exhibit and will be on display through next week.
I have been wanting to paint crystal for some time. Then I discovered a beautiful rose bush in the garden of my new home and it gave me the excuse to paint this crystal vase.
The crystal has opened a Pandora's Box of sorts. Now I have friends handing me their crystal and asking if their piece has a place in my next painting! So many ideas and not enough time. . .
It is a good thing I am teaching a workshop on crystal at the end of October.
The workshop is October 22-23 at the Ocean Wilderness Inn near Sooke, BC (west coast of Vancouver Island). It is $140 for the workshop only. Lunches and lodging are additional. Commuters are welcome.
For more information, please visit the Ocean Wilderness Inn

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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Food For Thought Exhibit

Food For Thought Exhibit
Sept. 21- Oct. 9. 2011
Colwood, BC

Starting tomorrow, three of my paintings will be on display as part of the Food For Thought exhibit at the Coast Collective Gallery. I was pleased to see that my Bowl of Cherries painting not only made it into the exhibit but on the poster as well. Woohoo!
The Coast Collective is open Wed-Sun, 12-5pm.
More information can be found on their website.
Hopefully some of you can make it out there to see my paintings and works from many talented Victoria artists.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

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September Wrens

September Wrens

This past week I taught a workshop at the fabulous April Point Resort &Spa on Quadra Island, BC. The weather was the best it has been all year! My mother was visiting from Idaho so we went to the island a day early to explore the sites. We took a walk on Rebecca Spit and visited the museum at Cape Mudge.

The workshop was Fun with Watercolours which is one of my favorites to teach. It is all about playing with the paint. I start out with pouring, blowing, and moving the paint around the paper with my fingers. Then I show how to do some negative painting. Everytime I do the workshop, I try to have a different theme. This time it was birds and autumn leaves. I have done seastars, crabs, a heron, and flowers in the past.
After we have fun pouring the paint, I then show the class how to find the leaves and bring them out through negative painting.
It was nice to see some returning students and to meet some new ones.

Rebecca Spit
Quadra Island, BC

Friday, September 9, 2011

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Pocatello Workshop

Stagecoach Tours
Virginia City, Montana
Poured Watercolor

Three weeks ago I turned in my final papers and projects for the summer at UVic. Then I hopped the ferry for Vancouver, was home for 24 hrs, and then hopped the plane for Salt Lake City. There I met my brother and his family (who flew in from Virginia) and we drove up to Yellowstone together to meet my children and the rest of the family for a reunion. Spent 5 fabulous days there (without the internet!!!) before I headed off to Pocatello, Idaho to teach a pouring watercolor workshop. After two days of teaching, I met up with my kids and mother to spend a week relaxing (and shopping) with more family. Now I am back in Vancouver and trying to get kids settled into school.
So, I am way behind in my blogs! 
The above painting I did as the demo for my Pocatello workshop. It is an image from Virginia City, Montana which is an old mining town that is now a tourist destination. It is here that I met Rikki on the train. Rikki is from Pocatello and we got to talking and discovered our mutual love of watercolor. We ended up becoming Facebook friends and she has been watching my work for the past 3 years. When Rikki discovered that I had family in Idaho and was going to visit this summer, she contacted the Pocatello Art Center and requested a workshop. So, thank you Rikki! I met some fabulous people and made some new friends, including one of my blog followers, Jeanne from Allgoodart. That was exciting! I was also very impressed with the beautiful city of Pocatello. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

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The Visual Interview

Tom & The Two Bernices
Photo transfer collage by Cindy Ackland

As part of my Visual Interview project for my course at UVic, I was to interpret a piece done by my studio partner, Cindy Ackland. In my previous post I mentioned that Cindy is a photographer and enjoys making photographic collages. She was working with photographs of her family as she created these collages. The above piece is of her grandparents. When Cindy gave it to me, she mentioned that she was interested in her grandmother's identity. Cindy felt that Bernice had to be 2 different people as she raised her family because Tom was in the military and was often gone. Bernice was one person while Tom was gone and a completely different one when Tom was home.
When Cindy gave me this piece I immediately loved the texture and wanted to recreate it. I didn't ask Cindy for much information about her grandparents because I wanted to see if I could develop my own relationship with them through painting.

Tom & the Two Bernices
Watercolor by Leslie Redhead

I did choose to recreate the photo in watercolor as my interpretation. I started painting the grey of the photo by using French Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna because they create a wonderful grainy texture like the original transfer. As I continued to paint, I felt like I needed to add color to their faces because they started to come to life for me. Then something really interesting happened. I felt impressed to give Bernice different color lipstick. Then the Bernice in the center refused to open her eyes for me. I asked her why? Was it shame? Embarrassment? What? Finally I realized that she was being coy because her husband was present. 
When I discussed this with Cindy, she confirmed what I had discovered. Bernice loved lipstick and was always wearing different colors. Cindy also told me that coy is exactly how Bernice was with Tom. 
It was a fascinating discovery and now I want to paint some of my own ancestors and family members just to see if I have the same experience!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

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Poured Watercolor
(painting done by me)

The final project for my summer at UVic was what was a called "The Visual Interview". It was a collaborative piece with another artist in the group. We were to give a piece of our work to this artist and they could do with it what they wanted. Either work on it themselves or create another piece as an interpretation of the piece. Through this process, we were to learn about that person and gain some insight into who they are. Then we formulate 5 questions to be asked in front of everyone else.
My partner was Cindy Ackland. She is a photographer and enjoys making photographic collages.
At first we interpreted the interview as a fully collaborative project. Cindy has a degree in philosophy and is full of fantastic ideas. We worked well together because she had these great ideas that I was able to create.
The first idea was to do a painting of the totems outside the First Nations House. Since UVic is known for its indiginous studies and we wanted something to remind of us our time on campus, we chose these totems as the perfect subject.
Cindy took photographs, I chose one and then I did a pour of the photograph.
Then Cindy took the original painting, had it copied and transferred it into many forms. One of which was onto glass. (I don't seem to have a photo of that one).
Another interpretation was to transfer it onto wood. This was my favorite. The wood showed through on parts of totems. It was so exciting to see. It also opened up so many other possibilities for me. Yeah!!

Watercolor print transferred on wood
by Cindy Ackland and Leslie Redhead

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