Friday, May 27, 2011

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Tiger Iris

Tiger Iris

The American Iris Convention starts next week. I am frantically getting ready and barely holding it together. Today I pack up the truck and leave for Victoria. The sun shines more over there so I am looking forward to it.
It will be a very full 10 days for me though. I start off the week teaching a 2 day floral workshop at the Ocean Wilderness Inn in Sooke, BC. (Yes, I am hoping to squeeze in another iris.)
Then I set up Monday morning for the show because it opens that afternoon. From Monday through Friday I will be sitting at my booth happily painting more irises! (If I am not too tired to paint)
Then I end the whole week with another workshop at the Monterey Centre in Oak Bay.
In between all of that, I hope to return to my favorite restaurant (Santiagos), have a run along my favorite beach, visit my favorite students and friends, and run my son around visiting his friends. Sometime among all that I am to meet with the university to discuss my Masters program.
Which brings me to more good news. I have been accepted into the Masters of Art Education program at the University of Victoria. Very exciting.


Carrie'sCreations said...

Beautiful painting!! Have fun at the convention. And Big Congratulations at being accepted into the Master's program. Blogger ate my domain name so I have a new web address for my blog just wanted to let you know.

Jane said...

A very busy week , but all very exciting , and congratulations on your acceptance at the Master's, absolutely merited.
And of course your Iris is just fabulous, you really make stunning work.

Laura Leeder said...

Best of luck with your show!
A beautiful Iris painting.

RH Carpenter said...

This painting is so elegant! And congratulations on a new beginning in the Masters program :)

Anonymous said...

I just discover your art work and I do love it.
You pieces are fabulous and so vibrant.

Leslie Redhead Watercolors said...

Thank you once again Carrie and Jane! I am glad you let me know abt your blog Carrie. I love looking at your work. Laura and Marjo, it is so nice to meet you. And Rhonda, you have been in my thoughts all day. I really look forward to your blog and your comments. Gracias!

Trade Your Talent said...

this looks very special! what a great style you have!

Mareny-Rose Edge said...

Congratulations on being accepted into the Master's Program. Gorgeous work and I particularly love "Golden Gem". Good luck at the convention.

Doreen Stopczynski said...

Love the flowers. Sure wish I could get the hang of watercolor. Your work is beautiful and I enjoy viewing!

Leslie Redhead Watercolors said...

Thank you Susanna and Doreen. Marney, you are an inspiration. Thank you for your comment.

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