Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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Rocks on the Beach Scene

Rocks on the Beach at Sooke, BC

This is the other painting I demonstrated at my workshop in Sooke. The painting is of the beach just down from the Ocean Wilderness Inn where Muir Creek mets the ocean. There are some beautiful rocks and the beach is always so quiet. On this particular morning, my daughter and I met two happy dogs and their owner. We were just glad that it was dogs and not bear since bear do happen to wander this beach.

To purchase, please visit my Etsy shop or contact me.
Painting is matted in a white matte to fit an 11x14" frame.
Shipping is free to Canada and the U.S.


bricarwaller said...

Beautiful painting! That would have made for an exciting morning if you had a visit from a bear.

Leslie Redhead Watercolors said...

Thank you Carrie! A bear certainly would have made for a wonderful story but I am still glad we didn't run into one.

Prabal said...

Very beautiful. The single wash nature of this painting makes it very delightful..

Angela said...

Lovely painting Leslie! :)

Leslie Redhead Watercolors said...

Thank you Prabal and Angela!

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