Friday, August 20, 2010

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Cordoba Cafe Pour #3

For my third pour, I masked out my next value by following my black and white photo. These values are more midtone since I am at the midpoint of my pours. The paint was made into a liquid only I made it slightly more concentrated than the last time. I rewet the paper and poured again. I also use a medicine dropper to drop in the paint where I want it to go, such as yellow and blue on the left for the green palm trees.

I had completely forgotten to photograph the 3rd pour. Thank goodness my daughter had it on her camera. She is videotaping the process for me. If it turns out, I will post it.

Cordoba Cafe Pour #4

I was so anxious to pour again that I started to mask before I took the photo after the fourth pour! The painting is starting to take shape.
Just one more pour!! Then the big reveal.


Anonymous said...

Hi leslie I met you at the Fair on Saturday I was the 64 year old that thought it may take me to 80 to admit that I am an Artist I was so.. delighted to see your poured watercolour of the cafe You amazed me . I am sending your site to the Nanaimo Art group, of which I am a Novice Member.
Love your work smiles to you Vivienne Magee

Leslie Redhead Watercolors said...

It was so nice to meet you Vivienne! I always enjoy meeting other artists and art enthusiasts.

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