Monday, July 5, 2010

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Poured watercolor on clayboard

I spent last week experimenting with technique and medium. Both of these paintings were done from the same photo taken in Zuheros, Spain but done two different ways. The first painting is a poured watercolor done on clayboad. I usually do my pours on paper but wanted to try it on clayboard so that it can be framed without glass. I only did 3 pours instead of my usual 5 and then I painted the rest. I only did 3 because I was anxious about the masking fluid staying on too long.


As most of you know, I have not touched acrylic in years. I decided to try it again just for fun. The above painting is the result. It seems to be more true to the photo than the watercolor.
I would love to hear which painting is more favorable.


Christiane Kingsley said...

Leslie, both these paintings are gorgeous in their own right. How can one choose a favorite? said...

I like them both Leslie, you handle both mediums very well.
You are obvoiusly having a lot of fun, it shows in your work.

JAlex said...

I like the acrylic better, the the light is so strong and hot you can feel it in the painting... i'm surprised you touched the acrylics though...! You'll be at the oils soon.

Leslie Redhead said...

Thank you for your comments! I am glad that you like them. I did enjoyed doing them and like them both for different reasons.

Nancy Goldman said...

The one done in acrylics captures the whiteness of the buildings in Spain so well but I love the texture and colors in the watercolor one. So...I guess I don't have a favorite. I like them both.

Leslie Redhead said...

Thank you for all your wonderful comments! I enjoyed doing both of them for different reasons.

Pattie Wall said...

There is more color interest in the watercolor - altho both have spectacular use of light and shadow. It's just a preference, I usually prefer the way watercolor looks. Your 'pour method' sounds intriguing!

Lori Bonanni said...

Leslie, These two street paintings are outstanding! Each one is a little different but the medium you used in each is effective. Looking forward to seeing more!

claire christinel said...

Hi Leslie,
Both paintings are lovely. I love the hot light in the acrylic, but I like the textures and colours in the watercolour. How to choose?

Leslie Redhead said...

Thank you Patti, Lori, and Claire! The watercolor was the one that sold at my weekend show. I think I will be doing more.

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