Thursday, May 6, 2010

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The Swimming Hole

The Swimming Hole, watercolor, 7.5x10"

I completed this painting this morning. It is part of my series on water. It is of a creek in North Vancouver, BC where my sister-in-law took me and the kids swimming. Beautiful area. It is a rainforest located in the middle of the suburbs of Vancouver. Something I have not seen before since I am originally from the East. Only problem was the suspension bridge. It wasn't Capliano but it was still too high for me to feel comfortable.


Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,
I had just had to let you know how well you capture the colour temperatures and feel of Lynn Canyon. I'm an old Lynn Valley girl and I just love this painting!

Leslie Redhead said...

Thank you Claire! I am enjoying your blog.

Crystal Cook said...

Beautiful Leslie! I love it :)

meera said...

beautiful colors! your water series is flowing along well :)

Nancy Goldman said...

This is so beautiful. The feeling of seeing through the water to the bottom is done so well. I also like the way you did the trees.

Leslie Redhead said...

Thank you for all the wonderful comments. I have enjoyed the challenge of painting water better.

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