Saturday, March 6, 2010

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Artist Reception

Last night was my artist reception. It started off as a big fiasco. The Gallery and Cafe were closed because a water main broke and was being fixed. So the Centre decided to cancel the reception without telling me! I found out through someone else at 3:30 yesterday afternoon. Called the Centre and the supervisor told me that the real issue is the food since the Cafe had to be closed. We decided to go ahead with the reception since it was now 4 and I had sent out a bazillion emails inviting clients, students, and friends. I just needed to provide the food. So I frantically ran out to the store to pick up all the food and supplies, picked up my daughter from swimming, ran home to quickly prepare some of the food (most I did buy prepared), fix dinner for the kids (frozen pizza) and get ready. Made it to the centre by 6:30 and ready by 7, thanks to a few friends and my daughter.
In the end, I had several friends and clients show up and I sold several paintings! Well worth the last minute running around.


Lorena said...

Sorry it was so crazy! But all in all worth it. Will be up visiting Victoria this week for a getaway and planning to swing by and see your show. Can't wait.

Leslie Redhead said...

Have you been to Victoria before? It is a beautiful city. Hopefully the sun will shine for you.

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