Monday, November 30, 2009

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West Coast Scene

Another west coast scene of the island. This is near Tofino. I love all the wood that washes up onto the beaches here. That is why I enjoy painting it so much.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

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Happy Thanksgiving!

This is how I spent my Thanksgiving Day. Painting! Canadians already celebrated their Thanksgiving in October. But being American, I do miss this particular holiday today.
The kids were in school and I am done with classes until after Christmas so I had a quiet day to myself. No turkey feast for us but I am roasting a chicken with a few of the traditional Thanksgiving trimmings. (Pie!)
The above painting is of Campbell River, BC (where Painter's Lodge is located) at low tide.
The painting below is actually one of the few Christmas cards I have painted this year. Haven't decided who to give it to yet.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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This painting is of a beach near Gloucester, Massachusetts. I had a little fun with this one. The rocks are done using saran wrap placed on wet paint. Then I splattered and sprayed the tree with paint and water. It took less than an hour to actually paint but it felt like longer because the paint needed to dry under the saran wrap before I could define the rocks.

Monday, November 23, 2009

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Point No Point

Another small piece. This one is of Point No Point again but from the other direction.
The heron is a painting I started at my workshop at Painter's Lodge. I used masking fluid to mask or save the heron. Then I poured, blew, and finger painted with watercolor to create the background. Once it dried, I was able to paint the heron and used negative painting to paint the reeds and grass behind the bird. I forgot about it but found the painting as I was preparing for my studio tour. I put it out and it sold.

Great Blue Heron
Prints available through Fine Art America by clicking here.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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Photos of Studio Tour

Here are some photos of my home that my mother-in-law took during the tour. It was a huge success. I sold several pieces and had a lot of interest in classes, inlcuding my Spain workshop. Yeah! I also find that I meet a new neighbor every time that I open my home for the tour.

This is me explaining something to someone about the painting above my fireplace which happened to be . . . Mt. Baker! It was on loan for the weekend.

This is my friend and aspiring artist, Sam. She was a great help to me on Saturday.

More paintings to come later this week. I took a break from painting because we did go camping in the rain after all! (Hard to paint in the dark and the rain) We went to Salt Spring Island to Ruckle Park. It only rained Tuesday night and was beautiful on Wednesday. Went to the top of Mt. Maxwell and felt inspired to take photos for more landscape paintings. Glad we did the trip. My son enjoyed having roasted hot dogs and smores for his birthday meal.
After the short camping trip, I, of course prepared for the tour and spent the last two days cleaning up and recovering. Now I must get back to painting.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

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This one is for Stacey!

Today was the first day of my studio tour. The weather was cold but clear and the turnout was great. I met some wonderful people and several of my students stopped by to see my studio that I often rave about. (For those of you that don't know about my studio, it is a sunroom at the back of the house that overlooks my garden and has an ocean view).
I sold several pieces and had some interest in classes and in my trip to Spain.
My dear friend Sam was here to help when the crowds got unruly (ha ha) and to keep me entertained when there were lulls. Fortunately there weren't any lulls. It was a steady stream of viewers. She requested that I put a few select paintings up for her sister, Stacey, in Nova Scotia to see. So, Stacey, I hope you enjoy them and just look at some of my past entries for the other ones Sam wanted you to see.
This first painting is one of my small ones that I try to do in about an hour. It is of Point No Point on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

This is another small painting of rhododendrons. It is 8x10 with a matte.

The above piece is of Cattle Point. It is a half sheet of watercolor paper (15x22").

And finally, my big poppies! This is a full sheet of watercolor paper (22x30"). My garden has several of these oriental poppies and I enjoyed painting them.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

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Studio Tour

I should be frantically getting ready for my upcoming studio tour but instead I am painting. This one is a typical west coast scene of Tofino. I love Tofino but I sure wish it would be sunnier whenever we go.
As I said, my studio tour is approaching and I have a crazy week ahead. My son's birthday is Tuesday and what does he want to do? Go camping! We haven't decided when we will go but it might be when the rain stops long enough to build a fire. That should be sometime next June. We may be cooking hot dogs and smores right here at home in our own fireplace. Sounds good to me. I don't like the rain and I like the cold even less.
Once the birthday bash is over with, I can get serious and clean my house and hang some paintings.
I will be having a sale on some of my older and some smaller pieces. My daughter is also making these amazing watch bands. I have enjoyed helping her but she is definitely better at it than I am. I think it is because my fingers are too big for small delicate beads. I prefer a brush in my hand.
Studio Tour is this coming weekend, November 14-15, noon-4:30pm. Hope many of you can make it!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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Mt Baker

Here it is! The painting of Mt. Baker as viewed from Oak Bay Marina. It is spread across 5 canvases and yes, it is a watercolor. I think you can click on the painting to view it closer.
The client has a fireplace with a wraparound mantle. The first 3 panels will be above the fireplace and the last 2 will be on the side. She requested a view of Mt. Baker with the colors of a Caribbean ocean since she felt like the colors of the ocean here are too grey and drab. Her living room can be dark during the winter months and wished to have it brighter to offset our grey and drab winters. (Imagine that!)

I originally painted it the way the ocean looks here with the aquamarine colors but discovered that she actually wanted not only the colors of the Caribbean but the way the ocean looks as well. Our ocean is dark up close and fades to light at the horizon. Caribbean water is light and gets darker in the distance because of the white sand.

The sky is done with a pouring technique and created some wonderful effects It is interesting to work on canvas. It doesn't absorb the same way that paper does. And if I drop any water on a finished part, I have to redo the whole area! Crazy.
Today my client gave the final approval and now I will seal it so it doesn't need to go under glass. O the wonders of canvas.

I also received the news today that I have been chosen to show my work at the Gallery Cafe at the Cedar Hill Rec Centre this coming March. Now I need to get back to work!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

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I started this painting in one of my classes and finally had the time to finish it a couple of days later. It is from photograph I took while I was whale watching near Quadra Island. Didn't see any whales but my friend and I did see every other kind of wildlife imaginable (excluding sheep).
I feel like I overworked this piece. Maybe it is because I did it over a couple of days and probably broke my 1 hour rule. But I will try, try again.

Because I did feel like I overworked the other painting, I did have to try again and this is the result. It is of the Great Salt Lake again. It was done in 55min and I am quite pleased. There is a freshness to it that the other one lacks. Now I know that I need to do it all in one go and I can't put it down until it is done.
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