Tuesday, February 14, 2017

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Drawing and Doodling

Valentine Zendoodle

This past week I have been doing some drawing and some doodling. I am not only trying to get back to painting on a more regular schedule, but I am trying to practice my drawing. 
Part of this is zentangling. I find it relaxing and it tends to help with stressful situations. (I guess that is where the zen part comes into play) I did some zentangles with my drawing class a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I had combined it with watercolor and discovered that I could carry small paintings with me to zendoodle on as a way to calm my nerves. 

Below are some more things I did this past week:

A drawing of a hand with drawing and painting tools as a favor for my son.

Quick charcoal sketch of a girl I did in between meetings

An experiment with splashy watercolor and zendoodling. I decided I didn't like it so never quite completed the drawing. However, I did learn some new cool designs.

A better painting of tulips for zendoodling. Let's see what happens with this one. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold

This past week, instead of painting a new painting everyday, I painted on the same one everyday. 
It was definitely not one that I could whip out in an hour. 
It was a challenge but the most challenging part was staying focused and trying not to get too lost in the details. I do feel like patience and perseverance paid off on this one.

More about my step by step process can be read on my other blog,

Thursday, January 26, 2017

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Almost Daily Painting Jan 18-26

Tide Pools 
Botanical Beach
Jan 18

Bunny Love
Jan 19

Jan 20

Jan 21

Jan 22

Jan 23

South Hills
Jan 26

I had hoped to paint a small painting everyday this past week but I started to paint a larger piece and have been spending some time on that. I will post that one as I get further along with it.
However, the first painting of the tidal pools was done over 2 days. I was able to spend one of those days painting with friends and we ended up chatting more than painting.  Always wonderful to catch up with friends. 
There was also a painting done on Tuesday but since it is a gift for a friend, I don't want to post it until she receives it. So until then, the painting will remain a mystery. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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It's Here! Watercolor 365 is now available

Yay! My book, Watercolor 365, has arrived! I am just super excited about it. This book has been in the making for the past couple of years and I can't believe I did it. I'm still pinching myself. 
The journey has been a hard one and I'm happy with the result. 
The book is called Watercolor 365 because it is 365 tips, trick, and techniques to help you learn and paint with watercolor throughout the year.

It is now available through Amazon by clicking here.

Previews can be seen on Amazon and a few sneak peeks can be seen below:

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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Daily Painting Jan 10 - Jan16

Horticulture Centre of the Pacific
Jan. 14, 2017

This past week I have been trying to get back to painting small sketches. I would call it daily painting but usually I do paint daily, if only for a small amount of time. This is different in that I am trying to complete one painting a day in an hour or less. 
I do find that slogging through a large painting takes a different type of focus and can sometimes feel overwhelming. The sense of completion that comes when I do small, quick paintings or sketches can feel so satisfying. Plus it loosens me up for the big stuff. 
 I am also travelling more and I need a more portable studio while on the go.
I found this lovely watercolor sketchbook that is 12x12" and absolutely love the square format. 
My hope is to continue with the daily sketches but might have to scale it back a bit at times while I get the big stuff done. However, I am one week in and so far, so good. Below are my images from this first week of these little paintings. Hope you enjoy! I know I did.

Heyburn, Idaho
Jan. 10, 2017

Botanical Beach, BC
Jan. 11, 2017

Idaho Park Bench
Jan. 12, 2017

Snake River
Jan. 13, 2017

Andalucia, Spain
Jan. 15, 2017

Pacific Spirit Park
Jan 16, 2017

Friday, December 23, 2016

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Merry Christmas!

Snow Fall

Merry Christmas! Thank you to all of you for your continued support.
I look forward to sharing my work with you in 2017 and to viewing many of your creative masterpieces. May each one of you have a healthy and happy holiday season.


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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Touching Heaven

Touching  Heaven

This painting is one that I demonstrated and taught to a fabulous group of watercolorists in North Vancouver. This group was mostly some of my students from when I lived in Vancouver and were so good, that they had the painting done in no time and ready to move on to more. Over the course of 2 days, we were able to complete 3 sky paintings. And of course, I love sky paintings so it was awesome that we were able to paint so many of them! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

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Winter Stroll

Winter Stroll

This past weekend I taught a workshop on painting snow and winter landscapes in Victoria. We did two paintings. Winter Stroll is the first of the two. I will post the other painting later this week. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

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Lost At Sea

Lost At Sea
watercolor on aquaboard

Lost at Sea was painted a few years ago after my son and I went for a walk at Willows Beach in Victoria. It was inspired by an abandoned raft with a sheet as a sail. It was no doubt a child's fantasy in the works and we joined in the imaginary dreams as we discussed Swiss Family Robinson, pirates, and all the adventures that could occur out at sea. 
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